Welcome to Equinox Village
Welcome to Equinox Village

About Us

Equinox Village is quality. If you’re used to the best of everything, you’re in the right place. We offer the biggest, brightest apartment homes in the industry. Many have million-dollar views. Little touches like private mahogany liquor lockers and heated, underground parking set Equinox Village apart. 

Equinox Village is secure and carefree. Equinox Village offers a virtually all-inclusive living experience that relieves the stress and worry of home maintenance and chores, unpredictable expenses, meeting unexpected wellness needs, and getting from here to there. The services and amenities free you to pursue your passions and discover new ones.

Equinox Village is a family. Equinox Village’ owners are brothers whose family has been doing business in Vermont for more than a half a century. In fact, you’re likely to encounter the owners themselves in the foyer or at lunch. That family feeling resounds in relationships between residents, their families, and the Equinox Village staff. In fact, within a few weeks of starting work, staff members know the name of every resident.

Equinox Village is personalized. By getting to know each resident, our staff learns their likes and dislikes. For instance, a server might know that you like your vegetables al dente, or the activities coordinator might take the time to deliver a copy of an article she knows you’d appreciate. Every department is designed to create an open dialog between the residents and staff. This allows us to adapt our services to our residents’ ideas of the best living experience. 

Equinox Village is genuine. The leadership at Equinox Village prides itself on honesty. It's reflected in everything we do. That means the photos of people on our website and in our other materials are residents, not models. It means that residents can trust that they are getting a good value. And it means that residents and staff can build genuine relationships, which makes Equinox Village an enriching place to live and work.